Standing on the Backs of Giants; Recycled Ideas and Concepts


How often do you hear about the “latest, innovative training methods”? I am sure it is pretty often. There are hype marketers all throughout the industry, pushing replayed and recycled ideas as their own “new” methods.

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At the end of the day, there are almost no new ideas. If people are claiming to have some new program or method, proceed with caution.


New ideas are essentially building on old ideas and making them better. It is like standing on the backs of those who came before you…..and that is not always a bad thing. Without previous information and knowledge, you would have to start from scratch. This would slow the development of advances in knowledge and technology tremendously.


What we should do instead is show humility and acknowledgement of our predecessors. Some of the best in our industry do a great job of this. This is how you earn respect (not by pretending you are the all-knowing expert).


Many ideas can be new to you (they could be entirely new; I am not trying to say that there are absolutely no new concepts). This does not mean they have no value or basis. You should definitely pursue ideas that are new to you. This can lead to new developments and advances that might not have otherwise been possible.


Also, do not completely discredit people who have a different way of thinking than you. This is a common error I see in the divided landscape of fitness, training, etc. There is a hatred for people who do not train in the same way. There is always something that can be learned from other methods.


You do not have to agree with everything people say. But you can take parts of their message and find ways that you can use that information to make you better. Everyone has an angle and a bias, so you have to sift through that to find the useful information.

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With that, remember to always keep learning and keep testing.


It is fair to say that many in our industry believe everything the “so-called” experts have to say. While there are others who are complete skeptics and believe very little that anyone says. I think we have to be able to find the middle ground here.


In short, just remember that just because something sounds good, it doesn’t mean it always is. Just because something sounds like it will work, doesn’t mean it always will. It is up to you to learn the difference. Do your homework.


Join us!


Photo by dok1

Photo by dok1

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What’s Worth Reading – Best Strength and Fitness Articles, Videos, etc. : Week 4

Strength Fitness What's Worth Reading

Welcome to Week 4 of What’s Worth Reading!

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Here is what I have written lately:

Overcome Adversity and Be Great


Here are the articles I have checked out this week. By Mark Watts

This is a solid overview of what the displaced Strength Coach has in store after his/her career as a Collegiate Coach has taken a pause or come to a close. His list is thorough and covers the pros/cons of each option. I know it can be tough, as many jobs outside of the Collegiate setting have an emphasis on sales, and training is an afterthought. This can be painful for many coaches to process, and it can force many former coaches into other careers. By Mike Tuchscherer

Mike always brings great perspective to the table. This article is a great example of looking inward and seeing what we can do and have done to put ourselves in the position we are in. If we did not sleep enough, strength doesn’t care. It was our responsibility to handle the little things like sleep, nutrition, etc.

This is an incredibly interesting site from top-to-bottom. It is loaded with lots of great articles and information. I stumbled across it this week and noticed Cal Dietz had written for it (it might be his site for all I know). He is a great coach, so I thought it was worth a look. Take the time to scour through all of the tools, drill sheets, workout sheets, etc. and you will have a lot to do!


Here are the videos I recommend this week.

In this video, the great Ed Coan answers some questions. I think the points about staying tall and keeping your head and chest up to avoid letting your hips pop up. It is also interesting, as he shows his method of wrapping knees.



This is a true gem! Legends Steve Goggins and Ed Coan discuss the methods they used to lead them through their careers. They discuss periodization, accessories, recovery, and many other things that have contributed to their success. If you want to learn from great lifters, this is a good place to start.


That’s it for this edition of What’s Worth Reading!


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